Hello everyone! I am Serena, and currently am a postdoc at Josh Akey’s Lab at Princeton University.

Starting from July 2020, I will be joining the Yale Department of Anthropology, as an Assistant Professor.

My research focuses on human evolutionary history. Specifically, I use computational methods to make inference about demographic history and adaptation of human populations, and to understand the legacy that archaic hominin admixture left in the human gene pool.

Recently my work has focused on the evolutionary history of a human pygmy population of Flores Island (Eastern Indonesia). This research sheds new light on a complex history of hominin admixture and on the mechanisms of evolutionary change that shaped the genomes of this population.

By focusing on under-sampled areas of the world, my lab will integrate field work, laboratory work, and cutting edge computational approaches to refine models of human dispersal and reveal further twists in the story of archaic hominin admixture.