Welcome to my site!

I am Serena Tucci and am a postdoc at Josh Akey’s Lab at Princeton University (United States). A few informations about me: I am from South Italy, I am a former samba dancer, a big fan of grunge music and a cat enthusiast. I have been always fascinated by human evolution and population history. In the past few years, I have been focusing my research on the interactions between modern humans and archaic hominin contemporaries, and on the legacy, that these now extinct hominin groups, might have left in the genomes of present-day human populations. My research interests allowed me to travel all over the world, and to visit one of the most exciting places on Earth – Flores Island (Eastern Indonesia). Flores Island not only represents an incredibile place for the study of hominin evolution but is also one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. The picture of the breathtaking landascape view on my website was taken during my trip to Flores and represents the characteristic spider web rice fields made by the Manggarai people. These series of concentric circles are sacred to this people who believe that the central point is the site where the sacred spirits reside. If you have the chance, I strongly recommend you to visit Flores Island!